MSCA Fellow of the week

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I have been featured in the Facebook portal of MSCA as Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellow of the week:

“Listen up! Sound artist and #MSCA IF fellow of the week Ximena Alarcón from Colombia develops the project INTIMAL at the University of Oslo. Ximena has a Deep Listening Certificate and practices Chi Kung, a form of body and mind energy practice with fluid and continuous movements. The body and mind experience with the sonic space, the intersection of sound art, music cognition, psychology, and human-computer interaction influence Ximena’s current research. She links socio-psychological experiences of migration and the reference to distant places through memory and dreams, with practices of networked sonic improvisatory performances and listening. Her case study focuses on Colombian post-conflict and peace building. Ximena works with Colombian migrant women in Europe to explore and test relational listening. Can listening to spoken word, expressing embodied feelings with the voice, and sharing these dynamically with others, be a potential act for healing and reconciliation?
Read more about Ximena and her research project at: “


Technological and Artistic Training

Interacting with XTH Sense Instrument, by Marco Donnarumma

To nourish the development of INTIMAL and to review technologies of sonification of body movement, I have attended during the last two months to very interesting workshops organised by fourMs at the Department of Musicology-University of Oslo. These have invited me to think of the many different options to listen to the body by using technologies from an artistic perspective. For instance, in the Interactive Sonification workshop led by Dr. Thomas Hermann from Bielefeld University, I experience listening to data collected from body movement, stimulating new forms of research and creative interaction; in the Bela workshop-talk led by Andrew McPherson from Queen Mary University of London, I experimented with processing of sound in a reliable and fast way, exclusively with physical computing, inviting me to think of the creation of new interfaces; and in the Biophysical Workshop led by the performance artist and scholar Dr. Marco Donnarumma, from Berlin University of the Arts, we explored the XTH Sense instrument, which invites to listen to the body in a direct way (an interesting inner listening perspective) by amplifying muscles’ sound. Last week, I attended to the SoundTracer Workshop: Music Information Retrieval, at the National Library of Norway  organised by the SoundTracer project  , exploring retrieval of “in large music libraries through the movement of the phone in the air”.  Olivier Lartillot, designer of MIRtoolbox  demonstrated the first prototype of an IPhone app retrieving Norwegian Folk Music.  These different perspectives are opening my ideas for both analysis and interaction using body movement in the context of the INTIMAL research.