Launch of MCT Masters at UiO and NTNU


Offering a talk “Telematic Sonic Performance: On Dis-location” as part of the launch of the joint Masters in Music, Communication and Technology at the Department of Musicology at the University of Oslo and the NTNU in Trondheim.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 11.01.30.png

Really impressed with this academic program which brings students and staff members from the two locations together in a permanent streaming, for experimentation, collaboration and shared teaching. Looking forward to all the work that students will produce!

My abstract

In this talk I will share my experience in creating telematic sonic performances using long-distance bi-directional transmission of sound through the Internet: a mediation that strengthens metaphors of migration and dislocation. From this experimental, compositional and collaborative art practice, inspired by Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening, my art research has evolved into the creation of INTIMAL: an embodied physical virtual system for relational listening. INTIMAL interrelates body movement, vocal expression, memory and sense of place in a telematic system, expanding the technical possibility of ‘streaming sound’ to the one of ‘sensing vibrations’, in the distance. The system is being informed by a group of Colombian Migrant Women living in three European cities, involved in a fieldwork that uses Deep Listening and Embodied Music Cognition methods. INTIMAL is using technologies that augment and inter-relate feelings, body movements, and vocal expression in migratory contexts, for people to playfully improvise their migratory journeys, finding connections with themselves and others, physically and virtually, opening paths for healing.”


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