INTIMAL Hehringhonza – Sheffield, 18/06/2022

With Violeta Ospina, Calu, and Liliana Rodríguez, from the INTIMAL Collective we are very happy to offer a one-day hybrid workshop “INTIMAL Heh-ring-ghon-zah” in Sheffield, UK, as part of Migration Matters Festival ! This is a one-day hybrid (online and in person) workshop that invites women to listen and celebrate their migratory journeys. Using Deep Listening®, sound improvisation, and the INTIMAL App© they will connect with dreams, voice and languages, expanding their sonic space. Limited places. Book your tickets on

Migration Matters Festival Line Up 2022
INTIMAL Heh-ring-gon-za. Poster by Violeta Ospina
INTIMAL App. By Ximena Alarcón.

Routed Magazine & iDiaspora

An article written by the INTIMAL collective, and titled “INTIMAL: Relational listening that unknowingly prepared us for the COVID-19 pandemic” has been published by the magazine Routed and iDiaspora, in an special issue, “Empowering global diasporas in the digital era”. It has been published in English, Spanish and French.

We are proud of sharing this issue with other 18 experiences using digital technologies in different ways to use digital media to connect, help, heal and stand for migrant’s needs and rights all over the world.

We are grateful the editors and the team that makes this possible!

Heh-ring-gohn-za: Escuchatorio del Viaje Migratorio, Linz. February 2021

In the INTIMAL collective we are very happy collaborating with the MAIZ project of migrant women, based in Linz, Austria. We are offering a workshop to 12 women listen to their migratory journeys: “HÖRRAUM: auf den Spuren einer migrantischen Reise“. Workshop Leads/Artists: Ximena Alarcón, Calu, Violeta Ospina.

En el colectivo INTIMAL estamos felices de colaborar con el proyecto MAIZ, basado en Linz, Austria. Ofreceremos el taller: “Heh-ring-gohn-za: Escuchatorio del Viaje Migratorio” a 12 mujeres migrantes para escuchar a sus migraciones. Talleristas/Artistas: Ximena Alarcón, Calu, Violeta Ospina.

El Retorno de nuestras voces – Comisión de la Verdad, 14 Nov, 2020

English below

Como colectivo INTIMAL tuvimos el honor de participar en este evento cultural “El Retorno de nuestras voces” organizado por la Comisión de la Verdad (Colombia), en el Reino Unido e Irlanda. Mil gracias a lxs organizadores por incluirnos en este evento con tantas voces que necesitan ser escuchadas desde el exterior de Colombia, para sanar al sacar la voz y ser escuchadxs.


As an INTIMAL collective, we had the honor of participating in this cultural event “The Return of our voices” organized by the Truth Commission (Colombia), in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Many thanks to the organizers for including us in this event with so many voices that need to be heard from outside Colombia, to heal by speaking out and being heard.