Sonic Migrations through the INTIMAL App: RCS Talk 24/10/22

I am very grateful for the invitation to talk at Exchange Talks, at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, on the last 24th of October. Thanks to Dr. Benjamin Redman, for the invitation, and to Dr J Simon van der Walt, for chairing the talk and the Q&A questions. Thanks to the attendees and your questions and comments regarding the use of the INTIMAL App in the Listening of Sonic Migrations, to work with family stories of migrants and the healing potential of this artistic intervention. Also the consideration to migratory animals, such as birds, which start to awake more and more in people’s aural journeys these days. The enthusiasm received in this talk, as well as the welcoming of the sonic alternatives that come with a lower budget, bringing an accessible tool, are really welcome.

A link to the recording of my talk is here.