INTIMAL Collective

The process of creating the INTIMAL project, reflecting on Colombian women’s migration, as a Case Study, between 2017-2019, led to the emergence of a virtual territory of Latin American migrant women where we regularly meet to listen to our migrations, dream, and improvise. Building on our interdisciplinary practices and conversations, a co-creation collective of Latin American Migrant Women, emerged. The collective develops creative actions for individual agency and collective transformation in our host lands and native place, expanding notions of femininity, territory and care.

Below there is an account of the collective process and here there is a website with details of our collaborations:

“Sentirme acompañada de una manera que no es ni amigas, ni madres.”

“I feel accompanied in a way that is neither like friends, nor mothers.”

quotes by members of the INTIMAL collective

INTIMAL: A Long Distance Improvisation (London, Barcelona, Oslo) Telematic Sonic Performance. May 7, 2019

We first met online as Colombian migrant women in 2018 to listen to our dreams and migrations, and were invited to Norway for a physical presence Deep Listening® Intensive, and a research experiment to tell the story of our migratory journeys and in relation to the Colombian conflict.

Listening to our Dreams via Google Hangouts. April, 2018. Drawing by Silvia Villalba.

“Sentí la confianza para expresar cosas que no siempre yo podría expresar en otro espacio.”

“I felt the trust to express things I couldn’t always express in another space.”
Listening to the Environment. Grån, Norway. May 2018. Photo by Sharon Stewart.

We explored through improvisation and with others our migratory journeys and listened to oral testimonies from other Colombian women from Diaspora Women.

“Hice una experiencia somática de sororidad.”

“I had a somatic experience of sisterhood.”

We collaborated as free improvisers in A Long Distance Improvisation: London, Barcelona and Oslo , a public telematic sonic performance, testing the interactive system INTIMAL.

INTIMAL: A Long Distance Improvisation (Telematic Sonic Performance). Oslo, Barcelona, London. May 7, 2019.

“He aprendido a escuchar sus historias de migración. A través de escucharlas identifique mi propia historia.”

“I have learnt to listen to their migration stories. Through listening to them I have identified my own history.”

We created the multimedia Fanzine Vol. 1/2019 with statements of our experience.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 15.18.09
Multimedia Fanzine Vol. 1. Follow the link to experience it at Yumpu.

Since 2019, we meet in INTIMAL Venas y Arterias (Veins and Arteries), with other Latin American women to listen to our dreams and improvise with sounds and body movement. In INTIMAL, we listen, we dream, we sound, we heal.

Recording of “Ritual de Calle” (Street Ritual), an Internet-based Sonic Meditation for the New Year. Dec 2019.

“Las posibilidades de sentir empatía a cosas mundanas y a cosas también difíciles.”

“Possibilities of feeling empathy for mundane things as well as for difficult things.”

During the lockdown time in Europe, we met seven times in an INTIMAL_Lab pilot space, which stimulated further co-creation, support in times of isolation, and conversations on our liminal identities. 

We dream of opening INTIMAL_Lab space to support more migrant women and liminal identities across continental borders.

“Tener un colectivo de sueños es fenomenal; es vital.”

“Having a dream collective is phenomenal; it is vital.”