In the European context of migration and diasporas, and at the intersection of sound art, music cognition, psychology and human-computer interaction, this project is developing INTIMAL: a novel physical-virtual “embodied system” for relational listening. Through the artistic practice of telematic sonic performance this system will interconnect people’s bodily motion and voice with their memories and dreams of distant locations.

The project uses a unique practice-based methodology, combining different types of listening: relational listening (in dialog with the surroundings), deep listening (sonic meditations, dream and body awareness), networked listening (through telematic performance), and body sonification (translating motion to sound). These will inform and be informed by the development of the modular software platform INTIMAL.

As a case study, nine Colombian migrant women in Europe will test INTIMAL in their listening experiences as a catalyst for healing and reconciliation within the context of Colombian post-conflict and peace building. The group will work with oral history sound archives from the Commission of Truth and Reconciliation of Colombian Migrant Women, a grassroots initiative supported in London by the Conciliation Resources charity.

A final performance using INTIMAL will be realized in 2019.

INTIMAL is being developed at the University of Oslo (UiO). The project is supported and mentored by UiO’s Alexander Refsum Jensenius and the fourMs – Music, Mind, Motion, Machines interfaculty research group, CRiSAP’S Cathy LaneTrond Lossius, and Kristin Norderval from the Deep Listening community. The project will count on the support from the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art and other organisations in Norway, Spain and the UK.