INTIMAL is a telematic sound art research project and “embodied” system for listening to our migrations; this, to heal experiences of geographical and cultural loss.

INTIMAL’s vision is to expand people’s  sense of place  and  sense of presence, with the use of embodied interfaces and networking technologies in live improvisatory sound performances, interconnecting people across local and distant locations through their migratory journeys. These, leading to individual and collective transformations.

To know more about the first stage of INTIMAL you can watch this documentary:

INTIMAL proposes   relational listening  to interrelate fragments of memories left by our migrations, and understand that we, as migrants, are whole and multidimensional.

INTIMAL consists of:

A physical-virtual embodied system for relational listening that integrates interfaces that invite people to listen to their migrations, and improvise with body movement and vocal sounds, in co-located and telematic performances (between distant locations).

A co-creation collective of Latin American Migrant Women: a space run by an interdisciplinary collective of migrant women listening to their migrations, through dreams and virtuality and free improvisation, developing creative actions for individual agency and collective transformation in their host lands and native place.

INTIMAL is conceived and led by the artist-researcher Dr. Ximena Alarcón Díaz who was awarded a Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship 2017-2019 for developing the first stage of this project.

The first stage of INTIMAL was developed at the RITMO Centre of Excellence at the University of Oslo (2017-2019). The second stage of the project is being developed with the support of The Studio at Bath Spa University, and I am currently working in a prototype of an INTIMAL mobile app to explore Migratory Journeys.