Awarded: The Studio Recovery Fund

I am happy to announce that I have been awarded The Studio Recovery Fund , for the sub-project UNLOCK to develop a service for the INTIMAL App© (by Ximena Alarcón, 2021), and test its usability and unlock narrative options by women in Bath, within the context of the pandemic lockdown. The mobile app will take them on “migratory journeys”, helping them to explore a sense of place and a sense of presence, through their physical and emotional connections with local places, stimulating collective storytelling. The service explores alternatives to screen interfaces to feel embodied emotional telepresence. It aims to create local and distant connections by sensing rhythms, opening new paths and insights in people’s daily limited walks during and after the pandemic lockdown. I am very pleased to work on this project in collaboration with the Strategy and Service’s Designer Dr Liliana Rodríguez, and BSU’s Creative Computing programmer Kieran Harte, to test the app’s context, technological development and implementation, through a Co-design workshop with experts at The Studio, and with a User X workshop with nine women based in Bath.

The Studio Recovery Fund “aims to help freelancers, micro-businesses and third sector organisations in the BANES area”. Six projects were selected over 30 businesses applications for creative technology projects that aim to promote renewal and support the region’s post-pandemic recovery efforts. This is an exciting opportunity for me to test the concepts of the INTIMAL project and expand these in the local space, and across distance locations and proximities. I look forward to listen to the stories that the project helps to emerge.

As a resident at The Studio I have been exploring how to make accessible different aspects of the INTIMAL system, developed between 2017-2019. In 2020 I started as a Resident, and received support from Bath Spa University and the Graduate Internships program, to work in a prototype of the app with the support of the programmer Ricardo Graça. With The Studio Recovery Fund Award, the app goes further, exploring collaborations, and testing it with local users.

INTIMAL Documentary

(Abajo en español)

This documentary summarises the first stage of development of the art-research project INTIMAL led by Dr. Ximena Alarcón at the University of Oslo’s RITMO Research Centre, between 2017-2019, thanks to a Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellowship she was awarded.

The project invites people to listen to their migrations, in order to expand their sense of place and sense of presence. In its first stage, Ximena proposes two questions: 1) how the body becomes an interface that keeps memory of place, and 2) how to improvise and transmit the experience of an embodied migratory journey using non-screen based interfaces. As a case study, she involved Colombian women who have migrated to European countries, in the exploration of their migratory journeys, via listening, improvised voice and body movement, in co-located and telematic settings. She used Deep Listening practice and Embodied Music Cognition methods to develop the INTIMAL System: a physical-virtual “embodied” system for Relational Listening, to be used in telematic sonic performance, in the context of human migration.


Este documental resume la primera etapa de desarrollo del proyecto de investigación artística INTIMAL liderado por la Dra. Ximena Alarcón en el Centro de Investigación RITMO de la Universidad de Oslo, entre 2017-2019, gracias a una beca Marie Skłodowska Curie que le fue otorgada.

El proyecto invita a las personas a escuchar sus migraciones, con el fin de ampliar su sentido de lugar y presencia. En su primera etapa, Ximena plantea dos preguntas: 1) cómo el cuerpo se convierte en una interfaz que guarda la memoria del lugar, y 2) cómo improvisar y transmitir la experiencia de un viaje migratorio sonoro del cuerpo, utilizando interfaces no visuales, y con sensores de movimiento. Como caso de estudio, involucró a mujeres colombianas que han migrado a países europeos, en la exploración de sus viajes migratorios, a través de la escucha, la voz improvisada y el movimiento corporal, en entornos co-localizados y telemáticos. Utilizó la práctica de Deep Listening y los métodos de Embodied Music Cognition para desarrollar el INTIMAL System: un sistema físico-virtual “incorporado” para la Escucha Relacional, para ser utilizado en performance de improvisación sonora telemática, en el contexto de la migración humana.

Heh-ring-gohn-za: Escuchatorio del Viaje Migratorio, Linz. February 2021

In the INTIMAL collective we are very happy collaborating with the MAIZ project of migrant women, based in Linz, Austria. We are offering a workshop to 12 women listen to their migratory journeys: “HÖRRAUM: auf den Spuren einer migrantischen Reise“. Workshop Leads/Artists: Ximena Alarcón, Calu, Violeta Ospina.

En el colectivo INTIMAL estamos felices de colaborar con el proyecto MAIZ, basado en Linz, Austria. Ofreceremos el taller: “Heh-ring-gohn-za: Escuchatorio del Viaje Migratorio” a 12 mujeres migrantes para escuchar a sus migraciones. Talleristas/Artistas: Ximena Alarcón, Calu, Violeta Ospina.

Walking Festival of Sound, Jan 15, 2021

I was invited by Jacek Smolicki and Tim Shaw to speak in the Walking Festival of Sound. I received very nourishing questions about the different layers of the INTIMAL project: such as my approach to healing, sonification, oral archives, audience, performers and embodiment. Thanks a lot to everybody present there, for their listening, and for their engagement in the Q&A. Thanks again to Jacek and Tim, this was a very refreshing way to start the year, to continue giving the next steps for the INTIMAL project.

El Retorno de nuestras voces – Comisión de la Verdad, 14 Nov, 2020

English below

Como colectivo INTIMAL tuvimos el honor de participar en este evento cultural “El Retorno de nuestras voces” organizado por la Comisión de la Verdad (Colombia), en el Reino Unido e Irlanda. Mil gracias a lxs organizadores por incluirnos en este evento con tantas voces que necesitan ser escuchadas desde el exterior de Colombia, para sanar al sacar la voz y ser escuchadxs.


As an INTIMAL collective, we had the honor of participating in this cultural event “The Return of our voices” organized by the Truth Commission (Colombia), in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Many thanks to the organizers for including us in this event with so many voices that need to be heard from outside Colombia, to heal by speaking out and being heard.

Listening Across Disciplines – Podcast in Resonance FM

Thanks to Mark Peter Wright for including me on this Listening Across Disciplines podcast which was broadcast on November 11 in Resonance FM. I am talking about my expectations and learning with the INTIMAL project and how much listening I have practiced in the making of this project!

“New series examining Auditory Practices across Arts, Science and Technology, through conversations, lab and field demonstrations and environmental sounds. Each episode creates its own listening journey and entangles different voices and approaches with the spaces in which listening takes place. Today: Episode 6. Sound Arts. Conversations reflect on artistic methods and practices of listening. Interviewees include: Dr. Ximena Alarcón, Professor Angus Carlyle, Dr. Matt Parker and Syma Tariq. Produced by Mark Peter Wright and Salomé Voegelin at CriSAP, UAL. Visit for full information. Twitter: @listenacross Facebook group:

The Studio breathes

Happy to have collaborated this year with the artist Dave Webb while doing my residency at The Studio. Inspired by the INTIMAL experience of breathing as form of telepresence he created this work:

In Dave’s words:

The Studio Breathes is an art and technology experience, made for you: the residents, staff and guests at The Studio. It was made in response to the fact that, for good reasons, the studio has not been open as a place for regular collective presence. The concept is that, whether working remotely, or in person, you can become present at the studio by capturing and sending your breathing to the studio, where it can be combined with the breathing of others and visualised. 

Breathing connects body and mind in profound ways. As you become aware of your breath, it will change. This change affects your body and this subsequently changes your state of mind. Outside the body, your breath is ephemeral and insubstantial. The Studio Breathes lets you employ your breathing to centre yourself, and to use it to close the distance between you, other residents, and the studio itself where the breaths come together to create something new and generative. 

A mobile web app invites you to become aware of your breathing, by tracing on the screen as you breathe. This unfamiliar action helps you to think about the speed and depth of your breath. Reflections and prompts, provided by fellow resident Ximena, are animated to help you use this mindful moment to think about the opportunity created by a day at the studio. You then capture your breathing rhythm by once again tracing your breathing on the screen. The breathing rhythm is sent to the studio as data, where it is joined with that of others to be visualised on a screen in the foyer. The studio visualisations create a new, emergent rhythm, generated by the interplay of the present breathers from the last few hours. While this is only visible at the studio, a simple joint visualisation is included in the web app, and a fully web based virtual studio version of the visuals is planned.”

To take part, use your mobile phone to visit

Thanks to Dave to invite me to collaborate in this beautiful project!

Physically Distant #2 Talk. July 28, 2020

I had the great opportunity of sharing INTIMAL Art-Research work in Physically Distant 2, a series of conversations on Telematic Performance organised by Federico Visi and Stefan Östersjö from the GEMM))) the Gesture Embodiment and Machines in Music research cluster at the School of Music in Piteå, Luleå University of Technology Thanks to the organisers and the audience, and for the open format.

My final reflection is about knowing our departure and intention to create the platform (or set of technologies) that give us agency for listening and sounding through telematics. INTIMAL System modules as prototype, informed by Embodied Listening holistic research (using Deep Listening ® and Embodied Music Cognition), are an example of what can be designed for telematic sonic performance.

INTIMAL’s vision is to expand people’s sense of place and sense of presence, with the use of embodied interfaces and networking technologies in live improvisatory sound performances, interconnecting people across local and distant locations, while creating dream-like narratives of place.

Through Relational Listening INTIMAL supports exercises on collective memory: walking in search for place, breathing to feel presence.

Food for thought and encouragement for continuing with the good work.

Streaming from Bath for “Absurdity” by Franziska Schroeder and Matilde Meireles

I also contributed to the online performance Absurdity by Franziska Schroeder and Matilde Meireles, in collaboration with members of the Female Laptop Orchestra FLO:

Franziska Schroeder – LiveSHOUT and Pessoa reading (English)

Matilde Meireles – LiveSHOUT and Pessoa reading (Portuguese)

Maria Mannone – LiveSHOUT streams of piano improv from Palermo

Maria Papadomanolaki – LiveSHOUT streams of sounds from Crete

Anna Xambó – LiveSHOUT streams of sounds from Sheffield

Nela Brown – LiveSHOUT streams of sounds from London

Ariane Stolfi – LiveSHOUT  streams of sounds from Porto Seguro and

Ximena Alarcón – LiveSHOUT streams of sounds from Bath.

We used live streams through LiveShout appdesigned to facilitate multiple streaming points and multiple listening points, what we call ‘distributed listening’“, at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, in partnership with Locus Sonus, by Franziska Schroeder and Pedro Rebelo. A snippet of the performance can be heard in this Federico Visi’s tweet. Thanks to all for the sharing.

Charla en Mujeres al Borde del Ruido – Julio 9, 2020

Charla en el marco de La Escucha Profunda como práctica sensibilizadora y revolucionaria

Fue un privilegio ofrecer una charla para el proyecto “Mujeres al borde del Ruido” liderado por Laura Zapata y Juliana Ortigoza, en Plataforma Bogotá – Colombia. Contar con la presencia de lxs jovenes residentes en este laboratorio, y sentir su escucha atenta a la trayectoria de mi arte, confirmó para mí la relevancia de la escucha individual y colectiva en tiempos inciertos. Gracias a las organizadoras, y felicitaciones por este proyecto tan importante, ganador de la Beca Plataforma Bogotá – Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología 2019–2020.

Este laboratorio “espera propiciar espacios de creación sonora, cuyo eje articular aborde las estéticas de mujeres creadoras en relación con la tecnología y el sonido. El laboratorio propone el encuentro y diálogo con compositoras contemporáneas que han incorporado la tecnología en la música