Published paper in Somaesthetics Journal

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Happy to announce that my first paper from the INTIMAL project “Conceptual Design for INTIMAL: A Physical/Virtual Embodied System for Relational Listening” has been published today in the Journal of Somaesthetics, in the issue dedicated to “Somaesthetics and Technology”.


This paper describes the preliminary design of INTIMAL: a physical-virtual embodied interactive system for relational listening in the context of human migration, within the artistic practice of improvisatory telematic sonic performance. Informed by the Deep Listening experiences of nine Colombian migrant women in Europe, INTIMAL departs from their sensorial experience in dreams, virtual and physical spaces, for a holistic understanding of the body as interface that keeps memory of place. In counterpart with an oral archive of other women’s testimonies from the Colombian civil war, body movements, voice and spoken words act as resonances opening paths for healing experiences of loss.

The paper is available here:

And the full Journal, here:


Erratic Bodies workshop, ILOS, UiO, Sept 27-28, 2018

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I had the great opportunity to share aspects of the INTIMAL research with migration studies scholars in the frame of Erratic bodies, transitional borders, and recent migration in Europe: Representation and identity negotiations in public discourse, literature and the arts workshop organised by Nelson González-Ortega, Ljiljana Saric, Álvaro Llosa Sanz, Johan Schimanski from the Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages (ILOS), at the University of Oslo.  It was very nourishing sharing with scholars from all over the world, different aspects regarding representation of migrants, from graffiti to literature and film. My paper called “Intimal: Migrant Women’s Sonic Statements of Presence” contributed from the mediated performance art perspective, in a platform where Colombian migrant women present themselves, stating “presence”.  The writing of the presentation invited me to explore migration literature in the area of gender, emotions and identities, as well as feelings regarding absence and presence.

The abstract is available on my personal UiO profile under “Other” publications and the paper continues being a work in progress for future publications in an interdisciplinary context.

Thanks to the organisers and participants for your questions and contributions regarding INTIMAL.




It was a privilege to be part of ULTIMA Contemporary Music Festival, which took place in Oslo, dedicated to Migration. On September 14th, 2018, I offered a workshop called “Listening to Migration” combining Deep Listening practice with insights from INTIMAL project. Thirteen people from all over the world attended to share listening meditations, and relationships with the dream space and time, reflecting on how these could become keys to open new paths for negotiating with in-between interstitial spaces that derive from their migrations. They also played with one of my scores called “Chhidiommatikflui”,  which invites to utter repeatedly a word in any language that produce pleasure, and to notice how their body moves with those utterances. Through slow walking they brought to their consciousness their most unique sound and took home invitations to listen, together with the trust that listening brings.

I am very grateful to ULTIMA and to the participants for being part of this workshop!









Launch of MCT Masters at UiO and NTNU


Offering a talk “Telematic Sonic Performance: On Dis-location” as part of the launch of the joint Masters in Music, Communication and Technology at the Department of Musicology at the University of Oslo and the NTNU in Trondheim.

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Really impressed with this academic program which brings students and staff members from the two locations together in a permanent streaming, for experimentation, collaboration and shared teaching. Looking forward to all the work that students will produce!

My abstract

In this talk I will share my experience in creating telematic sonic performances using long-distance bi-directional transmission of sound through the Internet: a mediation that strengthens metaphors of migration and dislocation. From this experimental, compositional and collaborative art practice, inspired by Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening, my art research has evolved into the creation of INTIMAL: an embodied physical virtual system for relational listening. INTIMAL interrelates body movement, vocal expression, memory and sense of place in a telematic system, expanding the technical possibility of ‘streaming sound’ to the one of ‘sensing vibrations’, in the distance. The system is being informed by a group of Colombian Migrant Women living in three European cities, involved in a fieldwork that uses Deep Listening and Embodied Music Cognition methods. INTIMAL is using technologies that augment and inter-relate feelings, body movements, and vocal expression in migratory contexts, for people to playfully improvise their migratory journeys, finding connections with themselves and others, physically and virtually, opening paths for healing.”


INTIMAL invites to “Listening to Migration” – Workshop, in ULTIMA Festival, Oslo – Sept 14



Workshop: Listening To Migration
14/9, 11 – 15
Free Entry, including refreshments

Artistic research project INTIMAL invites everyone interested to a one-day workshop dedicated to listening deeply to traces of human migration. Led by Ximena Alarcón Diaz, participants will carry out sonic meditations involving breathing, body movement, dream awareness and voice expression.

Participants are invited to explore in-between sonic spaces through the actions and to connect with individual memories and collective migratory journeys.

Inspired by Pauline Oliveros’s Deep Listening practice, combined with Embodied Music Cognition methods, this INTIMAL workshop explores the role of the body as a medium that carries a memory of place. The project is developed by Ximena Alarcón Diaz at RITMO (Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion), Department of Musicology, University of Oslo.

The workshop has a capacity of 15 and is open to all comers. Free Pre-registration here is required by 3 September:

Produced in collaboration with INTIMAL.

Ultima Context is supported by Norsk Komponistforening, Fritt Ord and Bergesenstiftelsen.



Workshop: Listening To Migration
14/9, 11 – 15
Fri entré, inkludert forfriskninger

Det kunstneriske forskningsprosjektet INTIMAL presenterer en dagsworkshop med dyplytting til lydlige spor av menneskelig migrasjon. Workshopen ledes av Ximena Alarcón Diaz. Her blir deltakerne med på lydmeditasjon som involverer pusting, kroppsbevegelser og drømmebevissthet samt det å uttrykke seg med stemme og språk.

Deltakerne inviteres til å utforske lydlige rom gjennom improvisasjoner der man forsøker å leve seg inn i individuelle og kollektive migrasjonsreiser.

INITMAL-prosjektet er inspirert av Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening-praksis, kombinert med metoder for kroppslig musikkognisjon. Prosjektet undersøker kroppens rolle som «grensesnitt» for å bevare minner om et sted. Prosjektet er utviklet av Ximena Alarcón Diaz på RITMO (Senter for tverrfaglig forskning på rytme, tid og bevegelse) ved Institutt for musikkvitenskap på Universitetet i Oslo.

Workshopen har 15 plasser og er åpen for alle. Deltakere må forhåndsregistrere seg innen 3. september. Påmelding her:

Produsert i samarbeid med INTIMAL.

Ultima Context er støttet av Norsk Komponistforening, Fritt Ord og Bergesenstiftelsen.

INTIMAL Fieldwork with Nine Colombian Migrant Women

Photo by Sharon Stewart ©

Leer en español en itálicas

Between April and May 2018, nine Colombian migrant women coming from the cities of Barcelona, London and Oslo had the opportunity to creatively share their listening experiences of migration. Their deep immersion in listening to their migratory journeys – through their bodies, dreams, voices, languages and surrounding environments – is informing the design of the system INTIMAL.

Entre Abril y Mayo de 2018, nueve mujeres Colombianas migrantes en las ciudades de Barcelona, Londres y Oslo tuvieron la oportunidad de compartir creativamente sus experiencias de escucha migratoria. Su inmersión profunda en la escucha de sus viajes migratorios a través de sus cuerpos, sueños, voces, idiomas y entornos, está informando el diseño del sistema INTIMAL.

INTIMAL is a physical-virtual “embodied” system to listen creatively to our migrations. With INTIMAL, people will improvise with their body movement, voice and spoken word, while connecting to their inner feelings, sensations, individual and collective memories, and oral archives. INTIMAL will function locally and virtually to connect people in distant locations, through the experience of migratory journeys, in real time.

INTIMAL es un sistema físico-virtual “incorporado” (embodied) para escuchar creativamente a nuestras migraciones e identidades múltiples. Con INTIMAL, las personas improvisarán con su movimiento corporal, la voz y la palabra hablada, mientras se conectan con sus sentimientos, sensaciones y recuerdos individuales y colectivos, y archivos de memoria oral. INTIMAL funcionará local y virtualmente para conectar a personas en lugares distantes, en la experimentación de viajes migratorios en tiempo real.

Drawing from online meeting by Silvia Villalba Martínez ©
Intimal Dream Flask
Drawing and design for ‘dream incubator’ by Dr. Liliana Rodriguez ©

The first month of working with the nine women was realized through online meetings, interrelating dreams, migrations and virtuality. After this initial month, we all met in Norway to engage in two full days of Deep Listening practice. We counted on the dedicated support of Deep Listening body facilitator Sharon Stewart, who co-led the retreat with project leader Ximena Alarcón, at the art center Glasslåven in the city of Gran. Our shared verbal silence, the performance of environmental dialogues, the connections to the earth through early morning walks, the exploration of inner geographies, and improvisations with voice and language opened spaces for each of the participants for respectful and powerful sharing as well as creative expressions. These were rooted in common, diverse and opposite perspectives, which helped us to achieve needed acoustic spaces within our cultural diversity and shared history of conflict.

Con el grupo de las nueve mujeres, el primer mes trabajamos en encuentros en Internet, inter-relacionando sueños, migraciones y virtualidad. Luego, nos reunimos con ellas en Noruega para participar en dos días completos de práctica de Escucha Profunda (Deep Listening). Contamos con el apoyo dedicado de Sharon Stewart, facilitadora del Deep Listening body, para co-liderar las actividades en el centro de arte Glasslåven en la ciudad de Gran.  El silencio verbal compartido, los diálogos ambientales, las conexiones con la tierra a través de caminatas, la exploración de geografías internas y la improvisación libre con voz y lenguaje, abrieron espacios para cada una de las participantes para expresar de manera creativa perspectivas comunes, diversas y también opuestas, ganando espacios acústicos necesarios en nuestra diversidad cultural e historia compartida.

Fragment of drawing exercise ‘Inner Geography’ by lachiki ©
Each woman developed an individual repertoire which was expressed as a sonic improvisation of their migratory journeys. This also opened the space for each participant to listen to the testimonies of other Colombian migrant women (collected by the Commission of Truth, Peace and Reconciliation of Colombian Women in Diaspora) and interrelate it with her own story through free body movement, voice and words. The entire experience was registered through different media, spatialised and closed microphone sound, and technologies of Motion Capture and bio-feedback devices in the MOCAP lab at the Department of Musicology at the University of Oslo.

Cada repertorio individual fue expresado en una improvisación sónica de sus viajes migratorios. Estas abrieron también espacio para escuchar los testimonios de otras mujeres migrantes colombianas, (recogidos por la Comisión de Verdad, Paz y Reconciliación de Mujeres Colombianas en la Diáspora) e interrelacionarlos con sus propias historias, a través de movimiento corporal libre, voz y palabras. Toda la experiencia fue registrada por diferentes medios, sonido espacializado y de micrófono cercano (voz), y tecnologías de Motion Capture y bio-feedback devices en el laboratorio MOCAP del Departamento de Musicología de la Universidad de Oslo.

Listen to a sound collage of the workshop experience:
Escucha un collage sonoro de la experiencia de taller: 
Motion Capture view Migratory Journey Improvisation by INTIMAL ©
Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 15.42.52
Screenshot motion capture, listening to archives by INTIMAL ©

We now enter the phase of reflection on the qualitative experience and analysis of the collected data, which will inform the design of the INTIMAL system. Alongside this, the listening practice continues(!) through INTIMAL: a community of migrant women who continue to listen, share and expand their “embodied” acoustic spaces. I am very grateful to this core group of nine women who are enthusiastically committed to consolidating their migratory listening practice, contributing to the long-term benefit of many other Colombian, as well as women throughout the world.

This is a creative path for individual and collective healing in times of post-conflict.

Entramos ahora en la fase de reflexión de la experiencia cualitativa, y análisis de los datos recopilados, para el diseño del sistema INTIMAL. Y la práctica de escucha, continúa! a través de INTIMAL: una comunidad de mujeres migrantes, que continúa escuchando, compartiendo y expandiendo sus espacios acústicos “incorporados” (embodied). Estoy muy agradecida con este grupo de nueve mujeres entusiastas y comprometidas con la consolidación de su práctica de escucha migratoria, que beneficiará a largo plazo a muchas otras mujeres colombianas y de todo el mundo.

Este es un camino creativo para la sanación individual y colectiva en tiempos de posconflicto.

A big thank to colleagues collaborators at RITMO, IMV – UiO supporting the MOCAP Lab experiments: Victor Evaristo González Sánchez and Ulf A S Holbrook, and to the Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, for the use of the Google Hangouts platform for large group communication.

Mil gracias a mis colegas en RITMO, IMV – UiO quienes apoyaron la realización de los experimentos de MOCAP Lab: Victor Evaristo Martínez and Ulf A S Holbrook, y al Centre for Deep Listening at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, por el uso de la plataforma de Google Hangouts para comunicación con grupos numerosos.

Convocatoria a mujeres Colombianas migrantes en Londres, Barcelona y Oslo


El Proyecto INTIMAL invita a mujeres Colombianas residentes en Londres, Barcelona y Oslo, a participar de manera voluntaria, en una investigación artística-académica para la creación de un sistema interactivo que involucra al cuerpo en la escucha relacional de memorias de lugar en el contexto migratorio. Las participantes explorarán las percepciones del cuerpo en la escucha de la voz y lenguajes reflejados en experiencias individuales y colectivas de Escucha Profunda (Deep Listening), a través de sus manifestaciones en los sueños, el espacio físico, y el espacio virtual. En un ejercicio de escuchar al que está lejos, la investigación invitará a las participantes a escuchar archivos de historia oral con testimonios de mujeres migrantes recogidos por la Comisión de Mujeres Colombianas en la Diáspora, en diferentes ciudades europeas. Cuando el sistema esté construido, en Abril 2019, las mujeres que han participado, serán invitadas a experimentar un performance telemático sonoro (a través de internet), desde las ciudades de Barcelona, Londres y Oslo, que interconectará sus experiencias de escucha desde el cuerpo, voz y lenguajes. Este sistema “físico-virtual” actuará como catalizador de los procesos de sanación individuales y colectivos de los sentimientos que surgen por la dislocación geográfica y cultural.

Sobre el proyecto

INTIMAL es un proyecto de investigación artística post-doctoral otorgado a la Dra. Ximena Alarcón Díaz por la Comisión Europea como Beca Individual Marie Skłodowska Curie. Se está desarrollando en la Universidad de Oslo bajo la supervisión del Dr. Alexander Refsum Jensenius. Para leer más sobre INTIMAL

Este proyecto tiene como objetivo el reconocimiento de sentimientos y sensaciones en el cuerpo, con mujeres migrantes Colombianas, y la re-significación creativa de los recuerdos asociados con su lugar natal, Colombia, para estimular un proceso de transformación, sanación y construcción de la paz en la actual sociedad colombiana en tiempos de post-conflicto. INTIMAL se concibe como un sistema modular sostenible a largo plazo para interfaces para la escucha relacional que incorporan herramientas personalizables para ‘afinar’ en nuestro sentido contemporáneo de lugar: establecer conexiones y ofrecer espacios sonoros para ser.


Las actividades del proyecto incluyen:

  • Una entrevista a través de Internet (máximo 40’) – fecha por acordar con cada participante en el mes de Marzo del 2018.
  • Tres encuentros virtuales con otras participantes (1 hora por encuentro) – Abril 7, 14 y 21, 2018.
  • Una semana de retiro en Oslo (Deep Listening – Escucha Profunda) – Mayo 4 a Mayo 10, 2018.
  • Ensayo técnico en la ciudad de residencia (1 hora) – Febrero 2019 (fecha exacta por confirmar)
  • Performance Telemático en la ciudad de residencia (2 horas) – Abril 2019 (fecha exacta por confirmar)

Todos los gastos de viaje y alimentación están cubiertos por el proyecto.


Para responder a la invitación, las interesadas deben escribir una expresión de interés indicando por qué quisieran participar en el proyecto, y confirmar su disponibilidad.

El cupo es limitado a tres mujeres por ciudad. Las participantes se seleccionarán de acuerdo con el orden de aplicación, y con su expresión de interés.

Enviar expresiones de interés e inquietudes a: Ximena Alarcón

Plazo para aplicar Febrero 15, 2018.